A step by step guide to how you make your custom suit


You’re ready to take the plunge and update your wardrobe and decided that this time is going to be special: instead of that ill-fitting off-the-rack suit and paying more for a brand name than the quality, you’re ready for your own custom tailored suit. 

Of course, this might make you nervous. What’s involved? How long does it take? What types of decisions do I need to make? 

At Ian Rios New York, we’ve guided hundreds of people through the process of making custom suits, shirts, shoes, jackets, tuxedos and more. This guide will take you step by step so there are no surprises when you meet with us. 

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Getting to Know You

We sit down with you to discuss your needs, such as what occasion you’ll wear your new suit or tuxedo for. From every day business, to weddings and special occasions, as well as everything else including coats, shoes, sweaters and even jeans. 

Our Signature collection of made to measure custom suits start at just $775 (100% wool or linen/cotton summer suits), while our Premium collection of custom suits (made with high end Italian & English fabrics) begin at $1050. We also offer a bespoke tailoring with wide selection of luxurious fabrics from mills in England & Italy (Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Scabal, Huddersfield, VBC etc) for our most exquisite clients. Entry level bespoke suits start from $1,500 & up.

Choosing Fabrics and Style Details

Once we understand your needs, our experienced team member will begin to present you with different fabric options from mills all over the world, including England, Italy, Scotland, and Australia. We source only the finest quality materials, and do not offer any unnatural blends or polyester. For our Jewish clients, we offer shatnez-free fabric options for our custom suits as well. 

Following your fabric selection, we take you through the basic styling options including the lapel, pockets, cuffs, vents, and pants style. Optionally, if you’re really feeling the rush of being your own fashion mogul, we can also guide you through options for canvasses, inside jacket custom pockets, buttonhole colors, lapel buttonhole style, custom collar felt, collar tab, elbow patches, coin pocket, ticket pocket, watch pocket and lining on pants. You’ll also have the chance to pick from a wide variety of lining options ranging from classic to edgy. Next you’ll pick your real horn buttons, and decide on monogram options. 

Your Exact Measurements

Besides styling, the most critical part of the process is advising you on how to get most flattering fit with the most accurate measurements possible.We’ll discuss and note your preferences along the way. We’ll measure 36 different ratios and take your photo from three different angles so every detail — down to how you normally stand is taken into account by our expert tailors. 

If you’re not in the New York area, we can still work with you. If you can get a friend to help you and provide your own measuring tape, we can schedule a video call  where we take you through the measurement process remotely. 


Tailoring and Fitting

Armed with your style and measurements, your custom suit is off to be tailored. Approximately 4-6 weeks later, we’ll invite you to schedule a fitting with us at our studio or your location. Often, no alterations are needed, but if so, we turn them around within 3-4 business days. We can either deliver the suit to you or arrange for you to pick it up at our Midtown studio. 

For large orders, we will create one suit first and work with you to get the fit perfect before delivering the rest in an alteration-free batch. 

If you’re out of state, we can handle alterations remotely as well, by having you photograph the front, back and both sides and email with your feedback. Or you may use a local tailor and we will reimburse you for the expense. 



Many of our clients become addicted to making their own custom suits once they experience the sense of pride and ownership of designing their very own look with the help of a professional stylist. But now the hard work is over. Once we have your measurements, we can handle the process of ordering future suits remotely. 

We look forward to hearing from you! Should you have any other questions related to the process, please do not hesitate to contact our team at hello@ianrios.local or simply give us a call at (347) 761-2262. 


Say goodbye to boring linings. We have dozens of options from traditional, to bold and edgy.

You can customize every little detail, from the types of buttons to the thread used in the button hole.

Customize your look for every occasion, from tuxedos to your daily outfit.

Finish off your look with a pair of custom shoes, hand-crafted in Spain.

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