Custom suits for men in NYC.

Style is the perfection of 
your point of view.

At Ian Rios New York, fashion doesn’t own you — you own, author, direct and perfect a style that’s unique to you. Guided by our custom clothiers, you’ll make the decisions that bring to life your own vision. From cut, buttons, linings to fabrics and more, the possibilities are endless.

You customize your takeout.
It’s time to customize wardrobe.

New Yorkers not only expect the best, they know what’s best. We live in the city that teaches the world how to eat, think and dress. 

Which is why we know you painstakingly customize that Seamless order or tell your Uber which route to take home. New Yorkers spend so much time getting these things perfect, but they still buy expensive ill-fitting suits right off the rack. And why? Because it has a brand on it? 

For less, you can own a style that’s the world’s best brand: the brand of you. Because only you know what’s best for your style — and the team at Ian Rios New York is here to bring that to life. 

Make executive decisions on every last detail.

Fabric, buttons, linings, monograms, styles, the possibilities are infinite…

When you buy a suit off the rack, you’re mostly paying for the advertising that built the brand name. Customizing your suit, what you would have paid for brand gets reinvested into your very own. Your suit contains the fabric you picked, the buttons you think goes with it and so on — all meticulously guided by a custom clothier experienced in bringing people’s flair to life. 

Create your unique look for every occasion

Work, weddings, formal events, and everyday…

Show up in style for life’s most memorable moments in custom suits and tuxedos. Show up to that wedding in style, or add some extra flair to your every day work wear with unique fabrics, linings, buttons and more. 

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