Custom tuxedos for men and women in NYC.

Stand out at your next special occasion with a custom tuxedo.

From weddings and galas to holidays and everything in between, Ian Rios New York is here to make sure your personal style makes you stand out from the crowd. Book your appointment with us, tell us about your upcoming events and we’ll work with you to bring your unique style to life. 

Make executive decisions on every last detail.

Fabric, buttons, linings, monograms, styles, the possibilities are infinite…

When you buy a suit off the rack, you’re mostly paying for the advertising that build the brand name. Customizing your suit, what you would have paid for brand gets reinvested into your very own. Your suit contains the fabric you picked, the buttons you think goes with it and so on — all meticulously guided by a custom clothier experienced in bringing people’s flair to life. 

Create your unique look for every occasion

Work, weddings, formal events, and everyday…

Show up in style for life’s most memorable moments in your custom tuxedo. Show up to that wedding in style, or add some extra flair to a special event with unique fabrics, linings, buttons and more. 

Get started on your new custom tuxedo now...

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