Finding Your Perfect Suit

Can You Buy a Good Custom Suit Online?

The real questions you should be asking are: Can you buy a good custom suit from a robot? Can you buy a good custom suit from a vending machine? Can you buy a good custom suit through a transaction rather than a relationship?

The quick and honest answer to these questions is “no”.

While there are many online platforms that claim to offer “custom suits,” there is no substitution for the personalized experience you will receive when meeting a custom clothier with whom you can build a trusting relationship. Besides, robots are allergic to water, they don’t understand our human emotions of love, and when the robot revolution comes you will not be spared. Even the most advanced algorithms, questionnaires, option-menus, or invasive scanners are unable to discuss your expectations, your preferences, where you want to be, and how you want to feel when you get there. A custom clothier can give professional suggestions and provide valuable insights such as which fabric is better for each season, or your special occasion.

Many online platforms claim to offer “custom suits,” but what you are really getting is a mass produced, pre-made garment in your “size”, or at best a version of a generic garment that will be modified based on your order. You won’t be able to feel the fabrics, understand the
difference in textures, weights, and weaves, or be able to see their contrast on your unique skin-tone and features. Shopping for a suit online can appear to offer a lot of customization options, but the list will most likely be very limited, and no one is going to tell you when it looks awful. The customization options a custom clothier can offer are astounding, and they can help guide your choices to weave the theme of your vision through the details. A custom clothier can coordinate with tailors, suppliers, fabricators, and manufacturers to accommodate your unique vision, whereas an online store will simply not have a button you can push to make it happen.

While it may seem convenient to shop for a suit online without the need to put on pants or brush your teeth, you would be depriving yourself a great experience. Having a relationship with a custom clothier is a lot like having a personal attorney or an accountant: they get you and they know how you roll. They are not afraid to advise you when something doesn’t look right, and you are able to tell your friends “I got a guy for that”. If you are looking to get fitted for a custom suit in the New York Metropolitan Area (including Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut), you will find exactly the experience that you have been longing for at Ian Rios New York.

Learn how fun, simple, and easy custom clothing can be. From custom business essentials, formal wear, and custom shoes, to sweaters, overcoats, smart-casual pieces, and even jeans, our custom clothiers are here to help. We get it. With your measurements on file for future orders, you’ll wonder how you ever shopped retail or online at all.

Schedule a fitting with one of our experienced professional clothiers in the convenience of your office, your home, or our Madison Avenue showroom. When your first garment arrives in about 4-6 weeks, we’ll make sure it fits perfectly, or make any requested alterations free of charge. We apply your preferences to future orders so you can be sure of a perfect fit, every time.


A Complete Guide To Finding Your Perfect Suit


Numerous components go into an ensemble that can be considered the “perfect” suit. Among all of the individual boxes that must be checked to earn this title, the suit must meet the style, sizing, and fit the requirements of the customer.

When shopping around in stores for your dream suit, you will find that your options are limited almost instantly. This is because ready-to-wear clothing pieces always follow standard sizes, and elements such as colors and accessories have already been chosen by the designer.

While this leaves virtually no opportunity for customization and bringing your style vision to life, it is not the only way to acquire your next suit. Instead, you can go custom and stop wasting your time, money, and energy trying to hunt down a piece that only exists in your head.

Custom Suit Guide

Custom suits are preferred for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they are designed to fit perfectly. The custom clothier who is measuring and tailoring your new suit will guide you in finding a comfortable fit, following very specific criteria that will produce impeccable results.

The correct fit of a suit is dependent on a few critical areas of the piece, including the shoulder pads, lapels, and sleeves length, among many others of equal importance. Starting from the top, the shoulder pads should not go over the width of your actual shoulders. This seems like a measurement requirement that is self-explanatory but is often one that can only be achieved with a custom suit.

Another common issue with store-bought suits is the fit being either too tight or much too large. This can be tested by sliding a flat hand into the side of the suit through the lapels on front. The suit should be snug enough that your flattened hand will fit comfortably in this area, but not so loose that you can curl it without some kind of restraint.

The bottom of the sleeves should end where your wrist begins, allowing between a quarter to a half inch of shirt cuff visible. Frequently, shirts that are purchased off the rack will have sleeves that are much too long, falling too low below the wrist area. This is not to say that you should seek out longer sleeves when buying a suit jacket, but that you should invest in a proper custom shirt instead.

Similarly, your suit pants should be fitted at the waist, just above your hips. Before determining satisfaction with the piece, you should be able to wear it without any kind of adjustment or belt.

Can You Buy a Good Custom Suit Online?

The quick and honest answer to this question is no. Even the most esteemed online platforms that offer “custom suits” online can’t replace the personalized experience that you will have while meeting with a custom clothier. Through this method, you will be able to discuss your fit preferences and receive professional suggestions.

While shopping online, you won’t be able to feel the fabrics and. Understand the difference in weights and weaves. Furthermore, a custom clothier will be able to give you valuable insight on which fabric is better for each season and occasion.

We suggest you find a clothier in your city who understands you and the style you are going for. That way, you will be able to develop a relationship with them that is mutually beneficial. Having a good custom clothier at your fingertips is just like having an attorney or an accountant: they know you, your style, and they will not be afraid to tell you that you shouldn’t wear something if you don’t look good in it.

If you are looking to get a custom suit fitted and made in the New York Metropolitan Area (including Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut), you will find the exact experience that you have been longing for at Ian Rios New York. Our custom clothiers will not only make sure that your new suit fits you immaculately, but also that the style and design is fully up to your standards.

Our custom suits will make you question ever purchasing from a traditional retailer again or falling into buying custom suits for sale online. From the initial discussion with our professional clothiers regarding your expectations to our streamlined measurement and tailoring processes, you will receive your ideal custom piece without any bumps in the road.

By [scheduling a consultation], you will begin the process of bringing your perfect suit to life within approximately 4-6 weeks, of which we guarantee complete satisfaction.

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