New Made-to-Order Women’s Shoes

Our team of stylists at Ian Rios New York are thrilled to announce our new made-to-order line of shoes for women, featuring eleven different classic styles.

Masculine is the new feminine style

Although traditionally worn by men, classic “manly” shoe styles for women have been a strong trend on the catwalks of the major fashion weeks all over the world. The lines between masculine and feminine shoe styles have long ago been blurred and we are pleased to extend our made-to-order repository with new women shoes.

Wear them with classic sophistication

Women’s masculine shoes can make your style edgier at the same time more practical. Keep things simple with lace-up ladies’ brogues or experiment with the slip-on loafer style for a casual look.

Meet the contenders

From classic brogues and oxfords to lace-up and chelsea boots, classic styles have been slightly softened to create a fresh, feminine style for our women’s collection.

Upgrade your look today

You love shoe shopping — but have you ever designed your own? Get started today with the help of our team of stylists. 

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