Upgrade your summer style with these exclusive packages

It’s time to beat the heat with a summer filled with pool parties and beach excursions. But wait, what about those days you go to work or formal events? 

To get you ready for the oppressive, brutal NYC heat we’re so famous for, we’ve put together these custom Summer packages exclusively for great customers just like you. You can beat the heat and save a bunch of money off of our regular prices. 

We must warn you: Not taking advantage of these packages could be hazardous to your designer wallet, and your existing wardrobe. Those sticky, 100% humidity days in suits without breathable fabrics, that aren’t custom tailored to your exact size…it’s going to be a regrettable experience on those packed, hot subway platforms, waiting on line for a hot dog at lunch, that cab whose A/C just managed to break – all this misery can be avoided by planning ahead now. 

It’s one thing to make an investment in your personal style – planning your personal comfort takes you to a whole other level. Imagine arriving at those important meetings cool, calm and collected and styling after what would normally be a sweltering journey. 

So without further delay – check out these amazing package deals!