Materials: navy box calf leather with red detailing 

Lining: red calf leather

Sole: Black Rubber Sole

Last: Zurigo – Rounded Toe for Traditional English Look

Of any shoe type to have in one’s closet, this classic choice is a no-brainer. To be worn with a plethora of options, the classic full brogue staked its claim to men’s fashion by the 12th century in the bogs of Ireland and Scotland. Now fully equipped for country boy and city slicker alike, this paradigm shoe fits any bill for pretty much any occasion.

Also known as a wingtip, the full brogue is easily identifiable a one of the most classic pairs of men’s dress shoes. The materials include navy box calf leather with red detailing in the laces and inside of the shoe. The sole is black rubber. This shoe features brogue patterning along the sides as well as the toe cap, the whole package.



$499.00 $399.00

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