Materials: cognac crust patina

Lining: brown calf leather

Sole: cognac leather sole plain

Last: Zurigo – Rounded Toe for Traditional English Look

Walk in an elegant, comfortable patina derby made of cognac crust patina with a brown calf leather lining. This shoe is generally considered a bit more casual than the oxford with added benefits: it never goes out of style! Debate over when this style originated is hotly contested, but many experts agree in the 12th century, the Earl of Derby had uncommonly wider feet, coining the term for this shoe and his generous proportions. The derby gained popularity in the 19th century among men who enjoyed country pursuits.

But this style is more than comfort for wider feet, it is the quintessence of classic, masculine mode with a flair for charm. Featuring an open lacing system and an artisan handmade patina, the top of the shoe literally becomes a work of art entrusted to the hands of an antique finisher. You just cannot go wrong with something that never goes out of style.




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