Materials: burgundy painted full grain

Lining: black calf leather

Sole: black leather sole plain

Last: Zurigo – Rounded Toe for Traditional English Look

No matter the occasion, our MODERN Full Grain Double Monk shoe offers comfort and versatility in a highly mutable world. Most men pay attention to the larger details: suit jacket, pants, patterned button-down. But it’s in the smaller, stylish details that set apart the trendsetters from the regular joes. The double monk strap can be worn in casual, leisurely settings as well as professional environments, offering the wearer multiplicity of genre without pesky laces or running home to change.

Originating on the feet of–you guessed it–monks in Europe, the double monk strap offered a safer alternative for the workplace than open toed sandals. The durability of the shoe made it the top choice for monks, thus dubbing its name over time. Now, the shoe is just as popular but not for long hours at a drafting table or praying for alms. Its slick, pliable nature makes it perfect for any affair, rain or shine.



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