Materials: cognac painted calf

Lining: tan calf leather

Sole: brown leather sole plain

Last: Zurigo – Rounded Toe for Traditional English Look

Now considered appropriate in most contexts, the brogue boot used to be outdoor or country footwear in yonder years. Traditionally worn in Ireland and Scotland in the 16th and 17th centuries, the ESSENTIAL Military Brogue evokes a time before ours, when wanderers crossed muddy bogs. The beautiful serrations featured on the boot stem from what some think to be drainage holes for water while men crossed these muddy areas. Today, they add a gorgeous pattern for chic outings.

Nowadays, this classic boot can be found in any man’s closet. Whether you’re off to a business meeting or lunch with friends in a casual setting, this cognac painted calf is perfect for most means of style + comfort. The lining is tan calf leather while the sole is brown leather sole plain. Not to mention a rounded toe for your traditional English look. Whether you’re sauntering down a crowded street or an experienced conference room, you will always look ready in these handmade to order boots.



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