Materials: tweed sartorial + cognac painted calf

Lining: orange calf leather

Sole: white sportwedge

Last: Zurigo – Rounded Toe for Traditional English Look

Contrary to its name, this boot is not for trudging through dense, muddy areas in the middle of combat. The origin of the combat boot is long and laborious, literally, but let’s just say it has been around since the Roman empire. With plenty of ankle support and a gratuitous white sport wedge sole, this boot is perfect for everyday wear. These can also be worn as a traditional option for daytime formal wear.

In addition to its versatility, tweed sartorial covers the top and sides of the foot in a fitting, comfortable combination to make for an overall stylish look. The devil is in the details, and this boot serves up details on a silver platter (or rather the white sport wedge sole) with a cognac painted calf, orange calf leather in the lining, and a rounded toe for a traditional english look.



$599.00 $449.00

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