2 Signature Custom light-weight Suits (100% light-weight wool / wool & linen/ or silk mix for extra breathability), 2 Custom Sport Coats (wool/ linen/ silk mix; slightly textured), 2 Custom Slacks (cotton/ or linen & wool/ or silk & wool mix), 2 pairs of Custom Jeans, 4 Custom Dress & Casual Shirts (100% lightweight cotton), 2 pairs of custom Shoes (wingtips, single or double monks, loafers, oxfords etc) – $4,150 (reg.price $5,200, $1,050 in savings, tax not included).

Who will take advantage of this offer: professionals who desire to own the upcoming season with the full wardrobe upgrade.
– a smart combination of lightweight suits with shirts will create a new look for every day at the office and will have you more confident & relaxed at the next business meeting;
– want to look appropriate at your next Business Casual event and not sure what it is exactly? With this package’s Sport coats & selection of slacks we will make you look like you were born a sharp-dresser for every occasion;
– have a summer wedding to attend? We got you. With this package our clothiers will help you make smart decisions which fabrics to choose to re-use that wedding suit at the office.

* packages include our Signature collection only which includes high quality fabrics. More premium English / Italian cloth from mills like Dormeuil, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Huddersfield, Ariston, Caccioppoli and more are available at an additional charge.



$5,200.00 $4,150.00

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